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ICS Outcomes

Associate in Science Information and Computer Science Program Outcomes
In addition to acquiring the competencies required for Associate of Science degrees, upon successful completion of this program graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate computing literacy.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the functioning of a computer’s operating system.
  • Solve problems, develop algorithms, and write structured computer programs in at least two programming languages.
  • Demonstrate a familiarity with the mathematics used in computing science.
  • Effectively communicate in written and oral form, a system solution its documentation, and its implementation.
  • Use project management tools to manage information systems development projects.
  • Work effectively as part of a group/team.
  • Design a relational database with proper documentation.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in computer maintenance and networking.

Based on selection of an area of specialty, the student will further be able to:

  • Database Support Specialist: Write object-oriented computer programs for online access and manipulation of databases.
  • Mobile Developer Specialist: Design, develop and implement applications and policies for mobile devices.
  • Software Developer Specialist: Develop a foundation in computer science to succeed in upper-division courses.
  • Network Support Specialist: Apply computer networking principles to build and troubleshoot networks.
  • Information Security Specialist: Apply the tools and techniques of information security to secure physical and digital information.

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