Honors Program

The Honors Program allows students to pursue their studies in greater depth than the regular program of study allows.

Graduation with Honors will greatly enhance

  • a resume
  • a college transfer application
  • any scholarship application

In addition to challenging themselves academically, students who successfully complete the Honors Program will have that distinction inscribed on their diplomas or certificates, as well as recorded in their transcripts.  Additionally, Honors students have the right to wear the Honors hood at commencement and are recognized for their accomplishments during the ceremony.

To graduate with honors, one must

  1. apply and be accepted into the Honors Program
  2. have a 3.5 cumulative GPA at the time of graduation
  3. Complete ONE of four Honors colloquia
    • COM 210H/WI/OC: Intercultural Communications
    • ENG 272H/WI/ETH/DL: Intro. to Literature: Culture and Literature
    • IS 250H/WI/ETH/DH: Leadership Development
    • SOC 250H/WI/DS: Community Forces in Hawai'i

For more information about the Honors Program, and for an application, please access our website HERE.

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