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Forensic Anthropology

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The Certificate in Forensic Anthropology (CAFA) provides you with a strong background in forensic anthropology/ You'll learn to use standard scientific techniques to identify human remains and assist in the detection of crime. This certificate, in combination with appropriate Associate and Bachelor’s degrees, will help make you competitive for a variety of job opportunities, including crime scene analyst, forensic anthropologist, forensic scientist, and crime lab technician.

The CAFA program is a joint program offered by Leeward CC and UH - West O‘ahu. The Certificate is awarded by UHWO upon the completion of all requirements.



Course Credits
Leeward Community College  
BIOL 100 Human Biology
or BIOL 171 + Lab Intro to Biology (4)
ANTH 215 + Lab Physical Anthropology 4

ANTH 297 + Lab Human Skeletal Biology
University of Hawai‘i –West O‘ahu  
ANTH/HPST 380 Field Archaeology 3
ANTH 415 Human Ecological Adaptation 3
ANTH 459 Forensic Investigations 3
ANTH 460 Advanced Techniques in ForensicAnthropology 3
PUBA 309 Criminal Law and Procedures 3
SSCI/PUBA 490 Practicum 3
Total Certificate Credits 30

Program Coordinator  (UHWO)
Suzanne Falgout
Phone 454-4725
falgout [at] hawaii [dot] edu

Leeward CC Contact
Grace Miller
millerg [at] hawaii [dot] edu

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