Finding a Class

There are two main ways to find a class for registration:

1. All classes for a specific term (Fall, Spring or Summer) are listed by discipline online.

2. If you're looking for specific types of classes, use MyUH Regular Registration. You can search for classes in several ways. Examples:

  • courses that meet Gen Ed requirements
  • online courses
  • courses that meet on specific days of the week

To find specific kinds of courses:

1. Login to MyUH.
2. Click on "Registration" in left column under "Student Services."
3. Select "NO - You need to Search and Register for Classes" on this screen
4. Select the term that you wish to register in and hit "submit".
5. You're now on the Search Class Schedule screen. Use the tips below to set up your search.
6. After you set up your search parameters, click on "Get Classes."

Details of this process, including screen shots will soon be available in pdf format.

Note: for any of the specific searches below, you must always select at least one subject. To select all the Subject codes, hold the control (Ctrl) key and scroll through the list of subject codes.

Search by Subject
Lists all the Subjects offered in alphabetical order.

You must select at least one subject to complete a search.
To select more than one choice of Subject at a time, hold the control (Ctrl) key down while making your selection.

TIP: Click anywhere in the Subject box. You can jump quickly to the specific Subject you want by hitting the letter that it starts with. Example: If you want to find “History”, type in the letter “h” to quick jump to the h’s.

TIP: If you want to browse through classes, select one subject and click on “Search.” You will get a listing of all of the classes that are being offered in that subject.

Search by Course Number
Allows you to search for a specific class. By selecting “Information & Computer Science” and inputting “101,” you will get all the ICS 101 classes being offered this semester.

Search by Instructional Method
Allows you to search for different types of Distance Education classes: Internet, ITV, Hawaii Interactive TV, etc.

Search by Attribute Type
Use this field to narrow your search to just Writing Intensive classes or classes in specific General Education or focus areas

TIP:  If you want to search for all the Writing Intensive classes at a specific institution, select the Institution, select all the Subject codes by holding the control (Ctrl) key and scrolling through the list of subject codes, and select the Attribute type of Writing Intensive and click on "Search".  This search may take a few seconds.

Search by Campus
This feature lets you narrow your search to just Distance Education classes. ALL distance education classes will be called up, regardless of type.

Search by Start Time and by End Time
Lets you focus your search to specific times for classes.

This search feature does not work if you just put in a start time (10:00 AM) but no end time. You must specify an end time.
Both start time and end time must be correct. Ex: You are searching for classes that start at 10:00 AM and end at 11:15 AM. If you put specify 10:00 AM to start and 11:00 AM to end, you will not produce search results.

Search by Days
Select the day(s) of the week you wish to attend. Selecting a day will display all classes with a meeting time on that day, but not limited to just that day.

Selecting “Mon” will display classes that meet on: M, MW, MWF, MTWRF
Selecting “Tues” will display classes that meet on: T, TR, MTWRF

TIP: Selecting combinations like “Mon” & “Tues” or “Tues” & “Wed” will not produce search results. Combinations like “Mon” & “Wed” or “Tues” & “Thur” work better. Typical combination are MW, MWF, TTh