2017-2018 Cost of Attendance

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Leeward Community College utilizes standard budgets which are updated annually by the University of Hawaii's Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs. The budgets are a reflection of the changes in national cost of living figures and local community costs. The cost of attendance includes more than the items the student pays to the institution.


Cost of Attendance − Expected Family Contribution (calculated by the federal processor) = Demonstrated Financial Need

By law, federal aid recipients cannot receive more than their Demonstrated Financial Need. The Expected Family Contribution is based on the information you provided on your financial aid application.

The table below is based on full-time (12 credits) enrollment for 9 months (2 semesters).

Need Determination
Allowances Living with Parents Living in Apartment (not with relatives)
Tuition $3,024 ($8,160)* $3,024 ($8,160)*
Fees 55** 55**
Books/Supplies 1,012 1,012
Room 2,618 10,608
Board 2,142 4,054
Personal Expenses 2,734 3,164
Transportation 450 450
Total Cost $12,035 ($17,171)*

$22,367 ($27,503)*

Residents: $126 per credit
*Nonresidents: $340 per credit
** New students add additional one time $25 application fee.

Updated 1/30/2017

Fall 2017-2018 Cost of Attendance (pdf)