Campus Committees

List of Committees
as compiled by the Staff Development Coordinator
July 2010


Committee Name


Contact person



Member requirements

Seeking members?

Accreditation Self Study Donna Matsumoto and Barbara Hotta See Accreditation page for all details   yes

Academic & Institutional Support

Ian Riseley

Monitor, evaluate, and recommend policies and procedures relative to the provision of academic and institutional support services to faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty from each division/unit

Currently all positions are filled.

Curriculum Committee
Faculty Senate Committee

Ann Berner

Serve as a voice of the Faculty on matters relating to the curriculum. Review and recommend approval, revision, or rejection proposals for new courses and modification or deletion of existing courses and new certificate and degree programs and modification or deletion of existing programs.

The Committee Chair and appointed faculty members representing
each of the instructional and academic support Divisions shall be
voting members.


Discovery Square Committee (Family Fun and Fair)

Cindy Martin

Plan and coordinate interactive educational activities for attendees at the annual Leeward Family Fun Fair.

Faculty, staff


Distance Education Committee

Greg Walker

The committee shall consider and make recommendations on academic policy matters, program development, academic, student and technical support services, and professional development.

Members are selected from faculty and staff
with experience in teaching or support of distance education.


Division Personnel Committee

DPC chair or Division Chair

Review contract renewal and tenure & promotion documents and make recommendations

Elected by their peers


Faculty Senate

Current Elections Committee: Candy Hochstein and Wayne Muromoto

The Faculty Senate is a Board of Regents chartered governance organization whose
constituency is the entire faculty of the college. The Senate is the cornerstone of the college-shared governance process.

BOR-appointed faculty 50% FTE or greater


Family Fun Fair

Janice Ito

Plan and organize the annual fair for the community

Open to all

Ongoing recruitment

Innovation Center for Teaching and Learning (ICTL) Advisory Committee

Cindy Martin, ext. 483

The Advisory Committee advises and oversees the activities, programs, and operations of the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning

Faculty and staff representing divisions and staff groups

Currently all positions are filled. 

International Education Week/Festival Committee

Raymund Liongson

Plan and coordinate International Education Week events on campus (spring).

Faculty, staff

Ongoing recruitment

International Scholarship Committee

Becky George

Review international students’ applications for scholarships; select recipients.


(Contact Becky to inquire)

Leeward CC Book Circle

Laurie Kuribayashi

Read and discuss books with students and encourage their participation in UH-Manoa Celebrate Reading Festival (spring).

Faculty, staff

Early in spring semesters

LRC Advisory Board

Beth Kupper-Herr

This committee provides input to the Learning Resource Center on current and proposed services for planning and improvement purposes.

Attend 2-3 meetings per semester and
offer feedback as requested.  All instructional divisions and student services are represented.

Not actively
seeking new members.

Professional Development Day (WILD)

Wo Champions:
Laurie Libarios and Susan Lum

Plan and organize the annual professional development day.  (first Friday in March)

Open to faculty and staff


Vice Chancellor’s Task Force on Remedial and Developmental Education

Jim Goodman

Advise and collaborate on initiatives to help remedial and developmental-level students.

Faculty, staff

(Contact Jim to inquire about current initiatives)

Teaching Guidelines and Issues for Faculty (TGIF)

Wanda Miyamoto  x466

The purpose of the TGIF series of workshops is to aid new faculty in their careers at Leeward CC.

There are no special requirements.

New faculty in all disciplines welcome

Welcome Committee

Cindy Martin

Help students find their classes during first two days of the semester.

Faculty, staff

(First week of each semester)

Writing-Intensive Committee

Frank Stanton, Chair, ex 286

Manage the Writing-Intensive Courses at Leeward CC and promote writing, in general, at Leeward CC.

Interested in promoting writing at Leeward CC.

Looking for someone from V/T.

Sustainability Committee:
Recycling Sub-committee

Tara Rojas

Propose, organize, and implement recycling initiatives at Leeward CC

Open to faculty, staff, lecturers, and students

Open for new committee members

Sustainability Committee:
Resource Conservation Sub-committee

Mark Lane

Propose, organize, and implement resource conservation (electricity, water, fossil fuels, transportation, recycled products, etc) initiatives at Leeward CC

Open to faculty, staff, lecturers, and students

Open for new committee members

Sustainability Committee:
Teaching Green

Eileen Cain

Integrating Green initiatives, awareness, and activities into classroom curriculum

Open to faculty, staff, lecturers, and students

Open for new committee members

Sustainability Committee:
Spreading the Green

Bobbie Martel

Plan, organize, and implement programs and activities to educate the Leeward Ohana and community on Green awareness and sustainability

Open to faculty, staff, lecturers, and students

Open for new committee members

If you have a committee you'd like to add, please contact Cindy Martin, 455-0483.