Textbook Rentals

Textbooks For Rent from Leeward Community College Bookstore

The cost of higher education continues to rise. To help cost-conscious students, the Leeward Community College Bookstore launched a new online textbook rental program in Fall 2010. The Bookstore is looking to expand our program to include an in-store rental program where students will be able to rent and pick up books directly from the Leeward Bookstore.   

Our in-store program will provide a huge cost savings for students, allowing them to save 65% off the price of a book, with the added convenience of being able to have the book in-hand at time of purchase. For example, a book that has a new price of $100, would be available to rent for $35.  Students will get an upfront cost savings. The rental program would require a commitment from the faculty member to use the same book for four consecutive semesters in order for the Bookstore to recoup the cost of the textbook. This commitment will provide a great opportunity to partner with us and help cut the cost of education for our students.       

If you are interested in being a part of our new exciting in-store rental program, please contact Sylvia Honda at sylviah@hawaii.edu or by phone at 455-0205.

As you distribute your syllabi, please mention both our online rental program and our in-store rental program to your students.  Our online rental program is available on our website at www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/lcc . Thank you for your support and good luck on your upcoming semester.