Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences Spring 2016 Convocation Remarks

James Goodman, Dean of Arts & Sciences

Convocation Remarks for Spring 2016

Last semester a number of system-wide meetings took place that discussed the design and implementation of “Co-requisite" models of remediation for students who do not place into college level math and/or English.  Our campus was well prepared to meet this challenge as our English and math faculty had been developing such courses for years. 

So, by Fall 2016 there will no longer be the traditional sequence of DevEd courses in English and math.  There will be a co-requisite English 22/100 ALP course for students who place one level below college level English and an accelerated English 24 course for students placed two or more levels below.  On the math side, there will be co-requisite Math 78/100, 78/115, or 88/103 courses for students who place one level below and Math 75 and 82 courses for students who place 2 or more levels below; students will take the math course(s) that are tailored to their degree and career pathways (see below chart).  Many thanks to the leadership of Kay Caldwell, Lani Uyeno, and Meredith Lee from the Language Arts Division and to Jennie Thompson, Eric Matsuoka, and Jenny Watada from the Math & Sciences Division for their vision and months of hard work with this system-wide initiative.

Flowchart of the Math Sequence for 2016-2017

Math Pathways

The ASNS program experienced record enrollment with 423 declared majors and 37 students petitioning to graduate.  During September, the first SepSTEMber event occurred which included a plethora of guest speakers from industry, workshops, and student research presentations.  This major endeavor was led by Heather Takamatsu, Hannah Aldridge, and Kathleen Cabral.

For students interested in STEM, a new program was designed by Biology faculty Helmut Kae and Kabi Neupane called SURGE (STEM Undergraduate Research Group Experience) which will engage students in a hands-on, experiential research projects seeking to discover new genetic information about taro.

Casual photo of students in a STEM class

SURGE Students

In spring, Helmut Kae and Roger Kwok will be leading the Math and Science faculty to plan and host the 9th Annual Leeward Regional Hawaii State Science Olympiad and the 2016 State Finals Tournament, respectively.  Their efforts will bring together on our campus over a thousand middle and high school students, teachers, parents and members of the scientific community in Hawaii’s premier team-based STEM competition.   Leeward CC is also proud to continue the long tradition of hosting the Leeward District Science Fair, under the leadership of our STEM counselor Heather Takamatsu.

Kilo 'Āina, a place-based NSF funded program, will be launching a STEM Summer Bridge at Leeward in 2016.  The Summer Bridge planning and recruitment is in full swing, and will allow for 25 new and continuing students to improve their math placement in 6 weeks, centered around a strong Indigenous focus.

Last November, the Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) program hosted an Education Summit entitled, “Everything You Want To Know About Teaching” with AAT graduates who are now in-service teachers, who returned to share their stories and answer current student questions.  The AAT program team continues to work diligently on the three initiatives for the TAACCCT grant—to expand, enhance and accelerate the Teacher Education program.  Last December 20 students earned their SPED/Inclusive Certificate of Competence and 87 students have enrolled in that program.  Michael Cawdery and David Fry continue to video effective teaching practices in Hawaii DOE K-12 schools, providing models of effective teaching practices for aspiring educators, and our Student Success Specialist Cameron Rivera continues to focus on recruitment, retention and support for students in the 18-month accelerated program as well as all of the education students.  The Alternative Certification for CTE Licensure program received national accreditation through the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation for 5 years; so far 19 candidates have completed the Alt. Cert. program and have all been employed by the Hawaiʻi Department of Education in middle and secondary CTE classrooms statewide.

The Office of International Programs continues to serve and assist our approximately 140 international students and in keeping with the UHCC Strategic Directions’ goal of increasing international student population by 3% per year, the office will be increasing their marketing and recruiting efforts.  Coordinator Steve Jacques' recent election to the Executive Board of Study Hawaiʻi, an educational consortium partnered with the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Business Economic Development & Tourism to promote Hawaiʻi as an educational destination will also raise Leeward Community College's profile.

As we enter the Spring 2016 semester, I would like to thank all of the Arts & Sciences division chairs Kay Caldwell, Jennie Thompson, Jim West, and Wes Teraoka, and the program coordinators Brad Ashburn, Bobbie Martel, Eunice Brekke, Tracie Kuʻuipo Losch, Blanca Polo, Aulii Silva, Eric Matsuoka, Jenny Watada, Katherine Fujioka-Imai, Ann Berner, Steve Jacques, and all the other faculty and staff for their great work and commitment to student success. 

To all the faculty and staff, have a great semester! 

James Goodman