Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences - Spring 2013 Convocation Remarks

Convocation Remarks, Spring 2013
James Goodman, Dean of Arts & Sciences

Welcome back everyone to a new year and new opportunities; opportunities made possible by the achievements of the past. During the fall of 2012, among the activities of Arts & Sciences were the following:

The Interstate Passport Initiative

Early last year UHCC Associate VP Peter Quigley invited our campus to participate with UHWO as pilot campuses in WICHE’s Interstate Passport Initiative. Along with a number of 2 and 4-year colleges in California, Utah, Oregon, and North Dakota, the goal is to align the SLO's of courses within each campus' General Education Core. Once achieved, this will allow the some 27% of all college students who transfer across state lines to transfer the whole block of their Gen Ed core, facilitating student transfer and saving receiving institutions time and money processing transfers from IPI colleges. With the UHWO representatives UHWO Gen Ed Chair Julia Myers and former Faculty Senate Chair Sharon Cox, Michael Lane and I traveled to WICHE headquarters in Boulder Colorado last October to meet with the reps from other IPI colleges to discuss first steps. Focusing on the outcomes for Oral Communication, Written Communication and Quantitative Literacy/Reasoning, basically our ENG 100, Speech 151, and Math 100, we are now working with the content experts to find commonalities in outcomes. Though this is a work in progress, thanks to all who have worked on this so far, Vice-Chancellor Mike Pecsok, Paul Lococo, Michael Lane, Kay Caldwell, Kathryn Fujioka-Imai, Carleen Yokotake, Susan Wood, Jennie Thompson, and Eric Matsuoka.

Arts & Humanities

With the new AA in Hawaiian Studies (HWST) Tracie Kuʻuipo Losch has been serving as its first program coordinator. The AA in HWST is the first multi-campus degree of its kind with 7 participating colleges (LeeCC, KapCC, HonCC, KauCC, WinCC, HawCC, and UH Maui College). To ensure a truly seamless degree, representatives from each of the participating colleges have been working on common course descriptions, designations, and SLOs for each of the core required courses for the degree (HWST 107, HWST 270, HAW 101 and HAW 102). At the same time, they are pursuing articulation with the other 3 colleges in the UH system. In addition to working on the 3rd edition of the textbook for the popular course HWST 107 (Hawaiʻi in the Center of the Pacific), the HWST faculty looks forward to working with Pat Kamalani Hurley on the new college blog, Pupu A 'O 'Ewa Native Hawaiian Arts and Literary Journal

Highlights of the performing and visual arts in the Fall were:

  • With an original music score by John Signor, Betty Burdick directed Alice in Wonderland on the main stage at the Leeward Theatre featuring a cast of 35-- mostly current Leeward CC students.

Photo of Alice in Wonderland performance on the Leeward Theatre main stage

  • Leeward CC Guitar Concert by Peter Frary and the Frary Guitar Duo on November 18th featuring Haydn, Vivaldi, Machado.
  • A sold-out performance on November 24th for Andria Tupola and the Leeward CC Chorus’ The Roots and Rhythms of Africa ( ).
  • To the delight of 500 screaming admirers, the best of Leeward’s performing art classes performed at the Dance, Drama, Music Blast Pau Hana on November 30th.
  • Dedication of the Peace Bench on Dec 6th, with walkway tiles completed by the Art 243 ceramic students (below left).
  • Alan Leitner’s Untitled #4 (below right) was included in the exhibition, Hawai‘i Abstraction: Works from the Collection at the Honolulu Museum of Art, from Oct. 4 – Jan. 20

( ).


Photo of the Peace Bench with walkway tiles Photo of Alan Leitner’s Untitled #4 artwork

  • In Spring 2013, Drama 260 will produce Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the Lab Theatre as part of Literature and Drama’s Semester of Shakespeare.

From the Math & Sciences Division, we wish a happy retirement and “job well done” to long-time biology professor and Math & Sciences division chair Janice Ito. Replacing her as chair will be Jennie Thompson. Another retirement is engineering professor Ron Flegal, who reported that one of his former engineering students, Andy "Zombie" Morishita, was named the “Outstanding Graduating Senior” in Electrical Engineering at UH Mānoa’s College of Engineering in November. When announcing this news to his former Leeward professor in an email, his concluding words were "... :D LCC represent!..." Andy is currently working on a conference paper to publish on research he has been doing on tunable liquid metal antennas and on their Nanosatellite set to launch in July of next year.  

Developmental Education

In October, our ACCJC visiting team commended our Developmental Education (DevEd) program for “…implementing a variety of curriculum and support changes…” ( and below are some of the reasons why:

Fall 2012 was the third year of Math’s self-paced, Emporium model of DevEd Math and yielded success rates of:

82% for MATH 9
78% for MATH 18
58% for MATH 82

In addition,

  • More than 50 MATH 18 students passed their course, then successfully completed all of the MATH 82 course requirements in that single semester (more than double the number of students who did so last Fall).
  • 143 students completed MATH 18 early, 47 of which completed both math 18 and 82 in the same semester.
  • 47 students completed math 82 early, 4 of which successfully completed both math 82 and 103 in the same semester. 

In DevEd English, ALP (the Accelerated Learning Program) is in its second year and continues to grow from 6 sections of ENG 100/22ALP in 2011 to 12 sections being offered in Spring 2013 including 3 sections at Leeward CC-Wai'anae, which will support 132 students who placed into ENG 22, in addition to the same number who placed into ENG 100. In Fall 2012, the Language Arts Division completed the first semester of its new accelerated developmental English course, ENG 24, which integrates both reading and writing and shortens the time students spends in DevEd courses. This first semester included 7 sections, 2 of which were at Leeward CC-Wai'anae serving about 115 students. Below is a chart of the success rates for 6 of those 7 sections.

Information chart of English 24 course results for Fall 2012

For all levels of DevEd English, the DevEd English counselor Nicole Keim-Fortuno was featured in six videos for students that are shown on the first day of class on aspects of each course, tips on doing well in those courses, and support services that are available to DevEd students

ENG 24
ENG 22
ENG 21
ENG 19
ENG 18
ENG 08

The Math Lab and the Writing Center both report record student usage in Fall 2012:

  • 2,300 individual tutoring sessions in the Math Lab
  • 9,800 tests in the new Math Lab Testing Center
  • 1,400 consultation sessions in the Writing Center
  • Nearly 90 in-class Writing workshops

Since the summer of 2011, both the Math Lab and Writing Center have piloted COMPASS brush-up sessions for students; the majority of participants who retested, scored higher. Incidentally, I would like to recognize the extraordinary work that Jim Ogg has done as Math Lab Manager and thank him for his many years of service in that role; he has left that position and will start the Spring as an instructor in the math department.

Over the past few years, Leeward CC has been awarded nearly $200,000 in DevEd innovation funds through proposals written by Eric Matsuoka, Linda Currivan, and Laurie Kuribayashi. New proposals must be submitted to Vice-Chancellor Mike Pecsok by 12 noon on February 13, 2013, with funding for accepted proposal awarded in July 2013. Please contact our UHCC DevEd Committee campus representatives Eric Matsuoka or Ann Berner for more information and assistance.

The progress of all of the above is a testament to the ongoing hard work and dedication of the DevEd faculty, counselors, and support faculty and staff, as well as to the vision and support of their DevEd Coordinators and Division Chairs. Thank you! 

In related news, there were some strong partnerships built with the high schools since our Curriculum Conversation last semester; planned for the Spring 2013:

  • An Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education grant has been awarded to Campbell High School and Leeward CC for a regional alignment project in English and Math; thanks to Gail Levy, Sandra Albers, Jennifer Watada, and Donnabelle Pascual for working on this. Kami Kato, Student Services Officer, will be Leeward CC’s administrative liaison for this project.
  • A GEAR UP grant will facilitate curriculum alignment and student-to-student peer mentoring by Leeward faculty Mimi Nakano and Sandra Albers and Waipahu High School’s WHS faculty members Cescili Nakamura, Maria Snyder, and Jeri Tateishi.
  • In Service-Learning, Mimi Nakano is working with Barbara Tom R. N., Tani Iida and Ruth Ruta from the UH Nursing School and Jayson Chun from the Parks and Recreation to establish a Safe Haven Computer Access Center in the Pupu and Aniani areas of Waipahu.

From Social Sciences Division’s Associates in Art in Teaching (AAT) program:

  • The program continues to grow with about 450 students in the program.
  • Last semester, received a $2.5 million TAACCCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training) grant to recruit, enhance and accelerate the program with focus on workforce development. Additionally, a transferable certificate in Special Education will be developed.
  • On November 9, 2012, The Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board voted to approve the AAT program as a State Approved Teacher Education Program (SATEP) for CTE; an Alternative Certification for CTE Teacher Licensure program which will prepare candidates who have content knowledge and industry experience with the pedagogy to teach in career and technical classrooms at the secondary level.
  • An MOA has being finalized with the Hawaiʻi DOE for college credit being granted to High School students who successfully complete their Explorations in Education course which is equivalent to the AAT ED 100 course.
  • Instructor, Kaleʻa Silva continues to work with Kapolei, Campbell, Kamaile Academy and Waipahu High schools to mentor the start up of teacher cadet programs.
  • The AAT team hosted about 140 high school Juniors and Seniors along with their advisors, to their annual Teacher Academy day on January 4, 2013.

To date, the Hālau ‘Ike o Pu‘uloa faculty and staff has outreached to nearly 700 Leeward CC students and community members to introduce its programs to new users. New Native Hawaiian initiatives include the implementation of the Title III grant which will introduce Native Hawaiian Male Mentoring and enhance S.T.E.M. Success initiatives through the hiring of two new counselors and accommodate renovations to the Hālau and BS 209 facilities. Achieving the Dream (AtD) efforts have been institutionalized under the College's Student Success Committee. Professor Eric Matsuoka has been invited to present at AtD's annual "DREAM Institute 2013" on the implementation of the College's successful developmental math redesign program. This Spring, the Hālau faculty and staff will be busy working with the College's Admin Team to gain legislative support for the planning and design funds for the long sought after "Native Hawaiian Center for Excellence." which ranked #9 in the UH System's Biennium Budget (2013 - 2015) CIP requests.

The Hoʻoulu Project launched its "Kupuohi X-perience." The Kupuohi X-perience represents the Hoʻoulu Project’s Career & Professional Development program. Kupuohi means to flourish, to mature early and is combined with “X” from the reality television show, the X-factor, infusing the idea that each participant will posses the X-factor, a unique quality, which sets them apart from their competition when searching for employment.

Candid 1 of Kupuohi X-perience Candid 2 of Kupuohi X-perience

Via the efforts of the Office of International Programs, Leeward CC has signed three new MOAs this fall with international partner schools abroad: the Universitas Ma Chung in Malang, Indonesia, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in Indonesia and Reitaku University in Chiba, Japan—that will involve receiving students from all of those colleges for a semester or year-long study abroad program.

New Partner Schools
Outside view of Universitas Ma Chung in Malang, Indonesia Outside view of Universitas Multimedia Nusantara in Indonesia Outside view of Reitaku University in Chiba, Japan
Universitas Ma Chung Universitas Multimedia Nusantar Reitaku University

Leeward will also be hosting a short term Japanese language teaching practicum program in March from one our partner schools, Josai International University in Chiba, Japan. These teachers will be working with the LA Division as Japanese teachers engage in learning about language teaching methodology in the U.S.

With the help of the OPPA and the Faculty Senate, one of my goals for the incoming year will be to continue the process of institutionalizing a program review process for the AA degree. As we have coordinators for the new associate degrees in Natural Sciences and in Hawaiian Studies, we will explore ways that we can have more direct faculty involvement in the AA degree that is cross disciplinary and on-going.

I would like to thank all of the Arts & Sciences division chairs Kay Caldwell, Janice Ito, Jim West, and Wes Teraoka, and the program coordinators Eric Matsuoka, Laurie Kuribayashi, Ann Berner, Bobbie Martel, Mike Reese, Aulii Silva, Paul Kalani Flores, Tracie Kuʻuipo Losch, and Becky George for their tireless work and commitment to student success.

To all the faculty and staff, have a great semester!

James Goodman