Fall 2020 Course Updates

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Fall 2020 Classes

Class delivery in fall 2020 has to be flexible, safe, and effective so that you can achieve your educational goals.

Our faculty and staff have been working on the safest approach to provide COVID-19-aware instruction and support services for Fall 2020. To ensure the needed "socially-distanced" learning spaces, we are adjusting delivery methods for some of our classes.

On August 10, UH President David Lassner, in recognition of the dramatic increases in the number of reported COVID-19 cases, encouraged faculty to review how courses were being offered for Fall 2020. In response to his, our faculty have made some changes to how some of the fall classes will be delivered.

The "Course Planned Conversion" link below contains the most up-to-date listing of courses that are scheduled to be converted to a new mode of delivery. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact your academic advisor.

Description of Course Delivery


  • Online unscheduled: Your class is totally online. These are the typical online classes that do not require you to come to campus.
  • Online at a scheduled time: Your class is totally online, but you “attend” at a specific time. You will not be required to come to campus, but you’ll need to log on to your online class at the scheduled time.

HYBRID – a blend of online and in-person

  • Hybrid Online Scheduled: Your class is delivered online at a scheduled time, with some on-campus meetings that maintain social distancing guidelines.
  • Hybrid Online Unscheduled: Your class is delivered online without specific meetings times, with some on-campus meetings that maintain social distancing guidelines.

SPLIT HYBRID – a blend of online and in-person, with classes divided into groups

  • Split Hybrid Unscheduled: Your class becomes two groups, each attending an in-person session on campus on different days. The remaining class time will be completed online without specific meeting times.
  • Split Hybrid Scheduled: Your class becomes two groups. The groups will alternate between in-person and web conferencing for each class at the specified class time. Example: Your class meets Tuesday and Thursday at 9-10:15 am. Group A attends in person on Tuesday, with Group B attending via web conferencing. On Thursdays, the groups switch with Group A joining by web conferencing and Group B attending in person.


  • In-person classes scheduled in a classroom or lab at specific times. Seating or labs will be arranged to ensure safe physical distancing between students.

Additional Notes on Fall 2020 Classes

  • Military/Veterans' benefits will not be impacted. The C19 attribute indicated that the course has been converted from in-person/hybrid to completely online.
  • All classes originally scheduled as "WWW" in STAR will continue to be delivered completely online.