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Updated for 2013-2014

SCI 103 Environmental Science of Hawai‘i (4)

This course introduces students to the environment of the Hawaiian Islands and the factors that endanger Hawai‘i’s unique ecosystems. Students will examine the biological, botanical, chemical, geological, meteorological, oceanographic, and physics-related aspects of the Hawaiian Islands. Hands-on exercises and laboratory and fieldwork are emphasized to enable students to understand the application of scientific methods to environmental stewardship.

Rec Preparation: MATH 22 and ENG 21 (or equivalent) with a grade of C or better.

SCI 122 Introduction to Science-Physical (4)

An introduction to the philosophy and history of science form the perspective of the physical scientist. Topics covered include: the evolution of the scientific approach to problem solving, interrelationships between science and technology. To illustrate these topics, examples from the history of physical sciences will be used. The lab is required and allows the student to perform discovery-type activities. (DP+DY)

Rec Preparation: MATH 83 or one year of high school algebra.

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