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Course Descriptions Oceanography (OCN)


Updated for 2014-2015

OCN 101 Marine Option Program Seminar (1)

Statewide overview of ocean issues and the organizations involved with marine activities, management, education, research and business. Exploration of opportunities for internships, research projects and careers. Proposal writing, project implementation, and report preparation guidelines. Course is presented on HITS interactive television with participation of students and faculty from throughout the UH system. Orientation to the Marine Option Program.

Rec Prep: A grade of C or higher in ENG 18 or 19, 21 or 22.

OCN 196V Directed Studies (1-6)

This course provides an opportunity for students to design and carry out marine-related internships, practica, research projects, or field experience on or off campus under the supervision of a faculty member and the guidance of a science mentor. It includes a project proposal, execution of the project, and a final report. The course may be repeated any number of times.

OCN 201 Science of the Sea (3)

Structure, formation, and features of ocean basins; seawater properties and distributions; currents; waves; tides; characteristics of marine organisms; marine ecological principles; man and the sea. Field trip required. (DP)

Rec Prep: Completion of MATH 22 and ENG 21 with a grade of C or better or equivalent.

OCN 201L Science of The Sea Laboratory (1)

Experiments, exercises, and field trips demonstrating the geological, physical, chemical and biological principles of earth and ocean sciences. (DY)

Prerequisite: Credit or concurrent registration in OCN 201.

Rec Prep: Completion of MATH 22 and ENG 21 with a grade of C or better or equivalent.

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