Courses: Learning Skills


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

LSK 110 College Success Strategies (3)

This course will acquaint students with the college and its services, prepare students for success in all college courses, and help students begin to explore career options. Students will (1) focus on learning and study skills, critical thinking, basic computer skills, and presentation skills while reinforcing reading, writing, and math skills; (2) learn to improve their ability to recall both spoken and written materials (memory and concentration skills), visualize concepts, control their anxieties in high stress situations such as during public speaking and test taking (relaxation techniques), and develop a positive image of themselves as effective learners; (3) engage in a service learning or other independent project; and (4) learn to understand their own cultural and personal learning styles and blend those with learning techniques expected of college students.

Rec Prep: Concurrent registration in or successful completion of appropriate level of writing (ENG 19), reading (ENG 18), and MATH 22 or higher.