Courses: Independent Study


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

Students who wish to design and complete individual study projects geared to their particular interests, aptitudes and needs may register for this option. Plans must be approved by an appropriate faculty member who supervises and grades the project outcomes (usually completed within one semester). This study provides the student with an opportunity to participate in the creation of academic learning experiences geared to individual needs, interests, aptitudes and desired outcomes.

Any student registering at Leeward CC may design an independent study project at one of three levels:

1. Developmental (99)

2. Introductory (199)

3. Enrichment (299)

The study must be managed by at least one student-selected advisor and approved by the advisor's Division Chairperson. While there are no prerequisites, an advisor may recommend particular preparation before a student may undertake a project. The independent study could take the form of self-directed reading, research, fieldwork experience, public performance or an occupational experience.

For further information, see the appropriate faculty member, counselor or other college official.