Courses: Electrical Engineering


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

EE 150 Introduction to Computer Programming Methods (3)

Introductory course on computer programming methods; emphasis on planning, writing, debugging of programs, together with basic applications.

Prerequisite: MATH 140 or equivalent.

EE 211 Basic Circuit Analysis I (4)

Linear passive circuits, time domain analysis, transient and steady-state responses, phasors, impedance and admittance; power and energy, frequency responses, resonance.

Prerequisite: Credit (C or better) or concurrent registration in PHYS 272; credit (C or better) or concurrent registration in MATH 243.

EE 213 Basic Circuit Analysis II (4)

Laplace transforms and their application to circuits, Fourier transforms and their applications to circuits, frequency selective circuits, introduction to and design of active filters, convolution, and state space analysis of circuits.

Prerequisite: C or better in EE 211; credit (C or better) or concurrent registration in MATH 244.

EE 260 Introduction to Digital Design (4)

Introduction to the design of digital systems with an emphasis on design methods and the implementation and use of fundamental digital components.

Prerequisite: C or better in EE 150 or ICS 111.

EE 296 Sophomore Project (1)

Sophomore level individual or team project under Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering faculty direction and guidance. The project provides design experience and develops practical skills.

Prerequisite: EE 211 with a grade of C or better.