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DRAM 101 Introduction to Drama and Theatre (3)

This course in theatre appreciation includes study of selected plays representative of important historical periods, with a review of the elements and forms of drama as well as theatre skills. (DA)

Prerequisite: ENG 21 or ENG 22 with a grade of C or better or equivalent.

DRAM 170 Introduction to Children’s Theatre

This course examines the dramatic structure, audience needs, directing, and acting techniques that are employed in the production of theatre for children. We will use movement, vocal exercises, improvisation, script writing, scripted material, and puppet and shadow theatre to increase knowledge of and comfort with theatre

for children.

Prerequisite: ENG 21 and ENG 22 with a grade of C or better or equivalent.

DRAM 220 Beginning Voice and Movement (3)

This course is an introduction to the basic fundamentals of voice and movement for the actor. Students will concentrate on breathing and relaxation exercises, neutral mask and other approaches to increase self-awareness and potential for self-expression. The work in this class is intended as preparatory for a wide range of acting/movement/vocal techniques.

Recommended Preparation: There is no academic preparation necessary. For the class, students should wear appropriate clothing. Students will be lying down, stretching, rolling, jumping and sweating to the best of their ability.

DRAM 221 Beginning Acting I (3)

An introduction to acting with individual and group exercises in movement for the stage, improvisation, monologue preparation and performance. (DA)

DRAM 222 Beginning Acting II (3)

Advanced work in improvisation. Vocal and physical training is emphasized, particularly on scene work. Actors are expected to work together to present scenes to the class. (DA)

Prerequisite: DRAM 221 or consent of instructor.

DRAM 240 Basic Stagecraft (3)

An introduction to stagecraft and the technical aspects of theatre, including basic theory and fundamentals of lighting, set construction, sound, costuming, makeup and stage management. Class time will be divided between lectures and laboratory work in the theatre. (DA)

DRAM 260 Dramatic Production (3)

Practical introduction to the process of converting a script into performance. Students are required to participate in at least two aspects of an actual production. (DA)

Prerequisite: DRAM 221 or consent of instructor.

DRAM 262 Local Style Theatre (3)

A practical performance-oriented theatre course which presents the local experience in a theatrical production. The actual production activities the student undertakes will vary with the production requirements of the play being produced.

DRAM 280 Beginning Playwriting (3)

The course introduces structure, guidelines, and format of the one-act and ten-minute play; beginning with the conception of an idea, followed by effective outlining techniques, subsequent drafts, and the final product in a polished one-act play and ten-minute play.

Prerequisite: Students need to have passed ENG 100 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher; or approval from instructor.

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