Courses: Dance


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

DNCE 108 Hatha Yoga: Beginning (3)

Practice, theory, and history of the yoga tradition with the emphasis on the practice of hatha yoga postures. Sanskrit terminology is incorporated throughout the course. Students must supply their own exercise clothes.

DNCE 131 Modern Dance I (3)

An introduction to Modern Dance technical skills and creative processes for the beginner. No dance experience is necessary. Students learn body alignment, physical conditioning, and dance actions, exercises, and combinations. A variety of music is used. Dance clothes are to be provided by the students. May be repeated once for additional credit. (DA)

DNCE 132 Modern Dance II (3)

Modern Dance 132 is the second semester of college level dance. The emphasis of this course is to continue developing skills in fundamental movements and concepts and to further develop comprehension of dance as a communicative art form through the creative process. (DA)

Prerequisite: Modern Dance 131 or the equivalent or the consent of instructor or prior dance training in any technical dance form.

DNCE 180 Dance Production (3)

The creation of a dance, choreographed by faculty and rehearsed and performed by the students at the Leeward Dance Festival Concert on mainstage in the Leeward Theatre. This concert brings together dancers and choreographers from various Dance Programs in high schools, UH Mānoa and independent dance companies.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. (DA)

Corequisite: Depending on the instructor's evaluation of the student's technical skills, the student may be required to concurrently enroll in DNCE 131.

Rec Prep: Previous dance experience preferred.