Courses: Business


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

BUS 101 Business Information Systems (3)

Introduction to computers and the components of a business information system, including "hands-on" exposure to office productivity applications, and learning how information technology can be applied to satisfy business needs. May be used to fulfill entrance requirement at Shidler College of Business at UH-Mānoa.

Rec Prep: Basic keyboarding skills

BUS 120 Principles of Business (3)

Examines the foundations and responsibilities of accounting, business, management, finance, marketing, and the business environment. This course is a requirement for all ACC and BUSN Associate Degree Programs, and may also be used as an elective for the Liberal Arts A.A. program.

Prerequisite: ENG 22 or ENG 24 with a grade of C or better 
or equivalent.

BUS 201 Advanced Business Information Systems (3)

Continuation of business information systems, including advanced word processing applications, advanced spreadsheet applications, advanced database applications, advanced presentation applications, and integration of applications. Fulfills the computer competency course requirement for the UH Mānoa College of Business Administration.

Prerequisite: BUS 101, ICS 100, or ICS 101 with a grade of 
C or better, or instructor approval.

Rec Prep: BUSN 121 or equivalent.