Courses: Biochemistry


Course descriptions from the 2017-2018 Catalog.

BIOC 141 Fundamentals of Biochemistry (3) 

Biological chemistry focusing on the integration of concepts from general, inorganic, and biochemistry and their application to living systems. Satisfies the one-semester chemistry requirement for pre-nursing and pre-dental hygiene majors. (DP) 

Prerequisite: MATH 82 or higher.

BIOC 251 Elements of Biochemistry (3)

Second semester of a two semester course sequence covering the fundamentals of general, inorganic, organic and biochemistry. Biochemical principles and concepts as applied to living systems, including sufficient organic chemistry to understand the relationship between structure and properties. Topics include the structural theory of organic chemistry, nomenclature, and properties of the major bio-organic families; enzymology; and the metabolism of the major classes of biochemical compounds. Intended for students entering into a BSN program. (DP)

Prerequisite: BIOC 141 or CHEM 151B with a C or better or equivalent.