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Course Descriptions ASTR


Updated for 2013-2014

ASTR 110 Survey of Astronomy (3)

This course is a description of the nature of the astronomical universe for science and non-science majors, with emphasis on scientific method and development of scientific thought. Course offers a descriptive treatment of planets, the solar system, stars and galaxies and also discusses concepts of size, distance and time in the observable universe. (DP)

Rec Prep: MATH 18 or PHY 100 or high school algebra.

ASTR 111 Concepts in Contemporary Astronomy (3)

Various topics will be covered in more detail than in ASTR 110. The topics may include stellar evolution, extraterrestrial life, stellar structure or other topics the class would like to investigate. ASTR 110 is not a required preparation for this course. (DP)

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