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Course Descriptions

Accounting (ACC)

History (HIST)

Agriculture (AG)

Horticulture (HORT)

American Studies (AMST)

Hotel & Lodging Operations (HOST)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Human Services (HSER)

Art (ART)

Humanities (HUM)

Asian Studies (ASAN)

Information & Computer Science (ICS)

Astronomy (ASTR)

Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)

Automotive Technology (AMT)

Japanese (JPNS)

Biochemistry (BIOC)

Journalism (JOUR)

Biology (BIOL)

Korean (KOR)

Botany (BOT)

Learning Skills (LSK)

Business (BUS)

Linguistics (LING)

Business Law (BLAW)

Management (MGT)

Business Technology (BUSN)

Marketing (MKT)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Mathematics (MATH)

Chinese (CHN)

Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Civil Engineering (CE)

Meteorology (MET)

Communication (COM)

Microbiology (MICR)

Culinary Arts (CULN)

Music (MUS)

Dance (DNCE)

Oceanography (OCN)

Digital Media (DMED)

Pacific Studies (PACS)

Drama & Theatre (DRAM)

Pharmacology (PHRM)

East Asian Language & Literature (EALL)

Philosophy (PHIL)

E-Commerce (ECOM)

Physics (PHYS)

Economics (ECON)

Plant Bioscience Technology (PBT)

Education (ED)

Political Science (POLS)

Electrical Engineering (EE)

Psychology (PSY)


Quantitative Methods (QM)

English (ENG)

Religion (REL)

English Language Institute (ELI)

Science (SCI)

English As A Second Language (ESL)

Social Science (SSCI)

Family Resources (FAMR)

Sociology (SOC)

Finance (FIN)

Spanish (SPAN)

Food Science & Human Nutrition (FSHN)

Speech (SP)

Geography (GEOG)

Tagalog (TAG)

Geology–Geophysics (GG)

Television Production (TVPR)

Hawaiian (HAW) Theatre (THEA)

Hawaiian Studies (HWST)

Travel Industry Management (TIM)

Health (HLTH)

Women’s Studies (WS)

Health & Physical Education (HPER)

Zoology (ZOO)


Independent Study


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