Choosing a Major

Choosing and Preparing for a Major
In four-year college and university programs, you'll take most of the required courses for your major in your junior and senior years.

The first two years focus on in completing General Education requirements and taking any freshman and sophomore courses that may be required to prepare students for advanced work in the major. Which college or school a student will enroll in is determined by your choice of major. If you haven't declared a major before entering college, the broad term “liberal arts” is used for most transfer students. However, you'll be required to designate a more specific major during or prior to your junior year.

As the choice of major depends upon the type of career you  plan, meeting with a counselor during your first semester is important. Early identification of career goals and major enables you to avoid taking courses which do not meet the general education or other requirements of the chosen major.

The University of Hawaii Community College System developed two amazing online tools to help you select a major. Explore…

  • Career Connections: interactive exploration of careers
  • Salary Dashboard (coming soon): Search & compare salaries within the United States for a variety of careers