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Campus Security


Leeward Community College (Leeward CC) is firmly committed to providing a safe and secure campus environment. Policies and procedures are designed to ensure that every possible precautionary measure is taken to protect persons and property. However, you need to be aware that preventive efforts on your part can effectively reduce your chances of becoming a victim. This web page is part of our effort to promote awareness of the current programs that exist at Leeward CC to provide for your safety and well-being.

The Campus Security unit, under the administration of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services, is responsible for providing security service for the campus. The Campus Security Office is located in the Language Arts (LA) Building, room LA 238. Security Officers are on duty 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The unit is staffed by a Security Supervisor and six security officers.

A downloadable PDF of all Campus Security information is available at the bottom of this web page.

Services Provided

Campus Security Officers conduct vehicle and foot patrols on campus. They are charged with the enforcement of federal, state and local laws, and rules and regulations of Leeward CC.

They perform the full range of public safety services dealing with incident reports; campus investigations, medical and fire emergencies; traffic accidents; enforcement of laws regulating the use of alcohol, drugs and weapons, inspection of lighting and shrubbery; and all other situations requiring Campus Security assistance. While Campus Security Officers do not have police powers and are not authorized to carry firearms, any campus incident requiring an arrest is referred to the Honolulu Police Department. Campus Security Officers are trained in areas such as emergency first-aid, CPR, report writing, investigative skills, and crowd control by experts from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Campus security maintains a close working relationship with all law enforcement agencies within the State utilizing their resources and expertise as needed. Whenever appropriate, meetings are held with these external agencies and crime-related information reports and statistics are exchanged.

Reporting of Crimes and Emergencies

Crimes and other emergencies on campus can be reported directly to the Campus Security Office by dialing 611 from any Leeward CC telephone on campus. There are emergency “blue” call box located throughout campus which automatically connect the caller to Campus Security when the handset is picked up. Locations are indicated on the Campus Map. When officers are patrolling the campus, they are always accessible by phone. To reach the Campus Security Office campus via public pay phones or off-campus telephones, dial 455-0611.

On the Leeward campus, public pay phones are located on the second floor of the PS building (outside, facing the parking lot), the Library (outside by the elevator), bus stop shelter, on the first floor of the PS building (outside facing the courtyard), FA building (outside facing the courtyard), Automotive complex (at the restrooms facing the courtyard), Theatre (outside the entry at the box office).

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to report all suspicious activities and/or persons observed on campus. Such calls should be made promptly to improve Campus Security’s ability to investigate the situation and to apprehend suspects and/or prevent potential crimes. Upon receipt of a call, security officers will respond immediately to the site of the emergency. All incidents are investigated, and a report is filed by the investigating officer.

Access to Campus Facilities

Leeward CC facilities are open to students, faculty, staff and the public during the day and evening hours when classes are in session. The campus must be vacated and cleared by 11:00 p.m. nightly. During the times that the College is officially closed, the parking lots are chained, buildings are locked, and access is limited to faculty, staff and authorized students only. During the weekends, holidays and vacation breaks, all personnel who come to do work in their offices are required to sign-in at the Security Office. The general public may attend cultural and recreational events on campus, but their access is limited to the facilities in which these events are held. Any other person(s) found on campus will be trespassing.

Details on specific areas:

Emergency Numbers

Campus Security: 455-0611 (on campus): 611
Honolulu Police Department: 911

Campus Safety and Security Brochure (pdf)