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BUSN 171 Introduction to Medical Records (3)
Introductory course into medical records which integrates all phases of the records management cycle while complying with state and federal regulations and laws.  Topics include:  privacy and access laws, component and procedures of patient charting, upkeep of information system, and security audits.
Prerequisites: BUSN 170.

BUSN 188 Business Calculations (3)
Introduces various quantitative computational procedures used in accounting and finance such as present and future value concepts, payroll, inventory, and international currency exchange rates.  Utilization of the electronic 10-key pad as a tool for calculating will be stressed.
Recommended Preparation: Completion of MATH 1 or MATH 1B with a CR grade or equivalent and completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, ENG/ESL 21 or equivalent.

BUSN 192V Business Practicum (1–4)
Business Practicum integrates the skills and knowledge students have learned in the classroom within their chosen program of study and apply them in a professional environment.  Students will be required to work 60 hours minimum per academic credit.  This course can be repeated for up to nine (9) total credits. BUSN 192V cannot be used as a substitute for BUSN 193 in the Business Technology Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Achievement, and/or Associate in Science degree.
Prerequisites: 1. Declared program of study in the Business Technology Program, except the Business Technology Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Achievement, or Associate in Science degree. 2. Completion of six (6) credits in the declared program of study. 3. Grade point average of at least a 2.0 in the program of study required courses. 4. Student in good academic standing. 5. Eligible for employment—U.S. citizen or have the legal right to work in the U.S. 6. Approval of instructor or program of study coordinator.

BUSN 193B/C/D/E Cooperative Education (1–4)
Cooperative Education provides practical career-related work experience through a program used nationally in colleges and universities to apply classroom knowledge and to develop job competencies. Full-time or part-time work in private and public sectors of the business, government and industrial communities is utilized for this program. The number of credits earned depends upon the number of hours spent at the job station during the semester.
Prerequisites:  Business major or Department/instructor approval.   Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, ENG 100 or ENG 21 or
ENG 22 or equivalent with a grade of C or better or equivalent and approval of the instructor and additional requirements by the University of Hawai‘i, Leeward Community College Business Division.
BUSN 242 Business Presentations (3)
Provides skills and competencies relating to the demands of professional business presentations including use of Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint, desktop publishing, and other media.  Competencies encompass reporting as well as presenting information, data, and evidence using current technologies. (formerly BUS 270)
Prerequisites:  BUSN 121, OAT 121, BUSN 123, OAT 123, BUS 127, or BUS 101 with a grade of C or better or equivalent or keyboarding or typewriting skills and computer knowledge or instructor’s approval.
Recommended Preparations:  ENG 100 and SP 151 or SP 200 or equivalent

BUSN 269 Supervision (3)
Develops effective communication techniques while strengthening supervisory skills. Students apply oral and written communication skills while studying topics on basic concepts in administrative office management, managing human resources and administrative services, and controlling administrative office systems. (formerly BUS 259)
Recommended Preparation: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENG 209 or BUS 270; SP 151.

Introduction to specialized functions, current technology, international issues, and other advanced topics in Records and Information Management (RIM).  Topics covered include: Forms Management, Vital Records Protection, Disaster Prevention and Recovery, Micrographics, Mail and Reprographics Management, Optical Disk Technology, and International Standards. Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) International rules are reviewed.  A database such as Microsoft® Access may be used to introduce and practice RIM program controls such as records inventory.
Prerequisites:  BUSN 170 or work experience in RIM and Microsoft® Access and Microsoft® PowerPoint

BUSN 279 International Business Analysis (3)
Analyzes international corporate environments and their impact on business dynamics. The focus is on business practices in the Asian/Pacific region; but other regions may also be included. (formerly BUS 272)
Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 100 with a grade of C or better or equivalent or instructor’s approval.

BUSN 284 Medical Terminology & Office Procedures (3)
Presents the skills needed to perform activities required in a medical office setting. Offers a broad spectrum of medical terms, concepts, and principles. Designed to familiarize the student with various types of  documents, activities, and situations in a medical environment. (formerly BUS 282)
Rec Preparation: ENG 100 or equivalent, and keyboarding and word processing skills.

BUSN 286 Legal Terminology and Procedures (3)
Presents the skills needed to perform activities required in a law firm or other legal setting. Offers a broad spectrum of legal terms, concepts and principles required in a law office. Designed to familiarize the student with various types of legal documents; emphasis is on creating, formatting, and editing common types of legal documents. (formerly BUS 283)
Recommended Preparation: ENG 100 or ENG 100E or equivalent.

Other Courses contained in the Business Technology degree and certificate programs:
BUSN 131 Computerized Spreadsheets–MS® Excel (2)
BUSN 137 Computerized Databases– MS® Access (1)
BUSN 200 Speech Recognition (3)
BUSN 250 Expert Business Computing (3)
BUSN 270 Advanced Records and Information Management (3)
BUSN 277 International Business Protocol (3)
BUS 101 Business Computer Systems (3)
BUS 120 Principles of Business (3)
BUS 201 Microsoft® Office Advanced (3)
BLAW 200 Legal Environment of Business (3)
MGT 121 Customer Service (3)

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