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BUSN 104 Basic Medical Office Procedures (3)
Introduces and develops general medical office skills.  Emphasis is placed on using communication skills to provide quality patient care, applying basic Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) filing rules, utilizing computer application software, maintaining simple patient records, managing correspondence, processing simple health care claims and patient billing, and introducing medical coding.
Prerequisite: ENG/ESL 21 with a grade of C or better or instructor approval.

BUSN 105 Introduction to Health Care Administration (3)
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of health care administration and the US health care system.  Important topics such as ethics strategic planning, cost management, information technology and human resource are discussed in a wide variety of health care settings, ranging from hospitals to nursing homes to health clinics.
Prerequisite: Completion of ENG 18 or equivalent.

BUSN 106 Introduction to Medical Coding (3)
This course introduces the classification systems employed to organize medical information for future retrieval.  The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) classification system is emphasized including its use for prospective payment systems.  Course work focuses on understanding the coding procedures as well as the impact that coding has on the healthcare delivery system (in reimbursements, as well as gathering data for statistics and research).   Professional certification in Medical Coding may require work experience and a more advanced course.
Prerequisite: HLTH 110 Medical Terminology and BUSN 104 Basic Medical Office, or BUSN 284 Medical Terminology and Procedures and BUSN 170 Records and Information Management, or permission of instructor.

BUSN 121 Introduction to Word Processing (3)
 The course covers proper keyboarding techniques, word processing concepts (Microsoft® Word), and document formatting of letters, memos, tables, reports, and e-mail. Basic file management and operating system functions are included. Keyboarding speed and accuracy are emphasized.
Rec Preparation: Completion of or concurrent enrollment in ENG/ESL 21 or ENG/ESL 22 or equivalent.

BUSN 123 Word Processing for Business (3)
 Uses advanced features from a word processing program to business documents emphasizing production and proofreading.  Integrates knowledge of the Internet and the computer.  Includes timed computer keyboarding skills for creating and editing business documents and sending electronic attachments.
Prerequisite: Thirty-five (35) gross words a minute (gwam); or C or better in OAT 21 B/C/D, OAT 21, BCIS 20; BUSN 121, BUSN 121 B/C/D; or instructor approval.
Rec Preparation: ENG/ESL 21 or ENG/ESL 22 or equivalent.

BUSN 141 Effective Presentations with MS® Powerpoint (1)
Introduces presentation software as used in a business environment. Covers concepts and terminology, presentation design, construction, application; creating and formatting objects, editing and organization of slides, finalizing and presenting a presentation. Emphasis will be made on integrating industry standard oral presentation techniques to enhance the final visual presentation.
Recommended Preparation: Ability to keyboard by touch; ENG/ESL 21 and 22; concurrent enrollment or completion of SP 151 or SP 200; basic knowledge of MS® Word.

BUSN 145 Digital Communication using MS® Outlook (1)
Students will use digital communication software, MS® Outlook, to create, customize, edit, manage and prioritize personal and business communication while practicing ethical standards. Students will also demonstrate and practice proper written and oral communication etiquette.
Rec Preparation: Ability to keyboard by touch; ENG/ESL 21 and 22; basic knowledge of MS® Word.

BUSN 164 Career Success (3)
Presents concepts and theories relating to workplace behavior; managing one’s attitude and relationships for workplace effectiveness.
Prerequisite: Completion of ENG/ESL 21 or ENG/ESL 22 or equivalent.
Rec Preparation: Computer experience using a word processing program.

BUSN 166 Professional Employment Preparation (1)
Facilitates employment search by emphasizing professional techniques and standards in the preparation of application forms, résumés, cover letters, and employment interviews. (formerly BUS 143)
Recommended Preparation: Ability to keyboard and knowledge
of word processing.

BUSN 170 Records and Information Management (3)
Studies principles and procedures for organizing and operating Records and Information Management (RIM) programs. Topics include: Selection of filing systems, equipment, and supplies; procedures for storage, retrieval, transfer, retention, and disposal of records; records inventory and analysis; records protection and disposition; study and application of ARMA (Association of Records Managers and Administrators) rules for alphabetic, geographic, numeric, and subject methods. Helps a business or organization meet its fiscal, legal, and governmental requirements by managing its information systems.
Recommended Preparation: ENG/ESL 21 or ENG/ESL 22 or equivalent.

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