Keeping an Eye on the Eye

path of hurricane douglas

Hurricane #Douglas is strengthening as it approaches our islands. We should prepare for a significant wind and rain event. Take the time to be prepared and be aware of local emergency management announcements and media for the latest Hurricane Douglas updates. We'll include status updates on Leeward's Emergency Information website and social media. 

Here are some good resources about hurricanes and emergency preparations:

First in the State to Reach Net Zero

aerial view of photovoltaic panels forming a canopy over parking lot on campus

Leeward Community College has flipped the switch on becoming one of the first virtually net-zero campuses in the country. The campus is generating 97 percent of its energy through on-site photovoltaic (PV) systems, including solar shade canopies, rooftop arrays and distributed energy storage. This was done following a performance contract that reduced consumption through various energy efficiency measures.

A Time to Stand Together

Aloha Leeward ‘Ohana,

The past few months have been trying times for our communities.  Last week, the death of George Floyd sparked national and international demonstrations.  The death of an African American man at the knee of a white police officer is unacceptable and is a vivid expression of the racial injustice that continues across our nation.  Our Leeward ‘ohana sends our deepest sympathies to those who have been directly impacted, and to everyone whose hearts are broken.

Finals Countdown Spring 2020

illustration on a pony-tailed girl at home studying

Finals Countdown returns to the Library, with a few modifications! From April 27- May 15, the Library staff offers a variety of assistance with your final exams. You can chat with a Librarian, get "drop-in" help via Zoom (Monday - Friday, 11am - Noon), reserve and pick up a laptop and discover some great de-stressing activities.


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