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Academic Subject Certificate in Management

Academic Subject Certificate
18-21 Credits

Updated for 2014-2015

Designed to enhance the marketability and increase earning potential of the Liberal Arts students who will enter the workforce upon graduation, work while earning their associate’s degree, or continue working while pursuing a bachelor’s degree. 

The Academic Subject Certificate in Management will provide students with an opportunity to focus their elective studies on acquiring managerial skills.  Students interested in exploring management as a possible major at a four-year institution can take these courses while earning their AA degree. Students also will have the opportunity to show potential employers they have basic management skills, improving their chances of moving into supervisory positions. Students holding this certificate will also be able to present themselves as receiving specialized training in management, which will enhance their employment potential and admission into four-year business programs.


Course Alpha

Course Title


MGT 121

Customer Service


BUS 120

Principles of Business


ACC 124
or ACC 201

College Accounting I (3)
Intro to Financial Accounting (3)


BUS 101
ICS 100
and ICS 101

Business Computer Systems (3)

Computer Literacy &
Applications (3)
Tools for the Information Age (3)

3 or 6

MGT 120

Principles of Management


MGT 122

Human Relations in Business



Total Credits


Academic Subject Certificate in Management
Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, students will be able to:
Handle general business operations that require basic math and computer skills.
Communicate effectively with customers and co-workers in an organizational setting.
Carry out basic management, accounting and marketing functions in a workplace environment.
Understand how to train, motivate, and supervise employees/associates to attain the goals of a business.
Establish and promote a collaborative work environment.
Work within the ethical, legal, and regulatory parameters on the industry.
Calculate, compile, and analyze financial records to make prudent business decisions.
Select, utilize and integrate appropriate current and emerging technologies to support business functions.
Use verbal, non-verbal, and written communication skill effectively in the business context.
Interact with internal and external customers in ways that effectively support the work to be accomplished and customer satisfaction.
Exhibit work behaviors that maximize the opportunity for continued employment and growth within an organization.
Assist in the design, implementation and continuous assessment of business strategies based on consumer needs and market changes.


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