Academic Subject Certificate in Community Food Security

Academic Subject Certificate   
Community Food Security
16 credits

Updated for 2014-2015

The Academic Subject Certificate in Community Food Security is intended to provide the student with knowledge of the Community Food Security movement through course work and skills and knowledge about the operation of a certified organic farm and the sale of products grown on the farm. The courses will introduce them to the Community Food Security movement both nationally and internationally, provide them the skills for growing foods organically, preparing farm products for sale to restaurants and markets, providing educational activities to elementary, middle and high school students; knowledge about Hawaiian culture; knowledge related to plants, nutrition, the environment and agriculture. With this foundation, it is anticipated that students will be able to pursue degrees in a variety of areas, including environmental resources, education, nutrition, culinary arts, and business.


Course Alpha

Course Title


SOC 151

Intro to Sociology of Food


AG 112

Introduction to Organic Agriculture


MGT 135
or FSHN 100

Agriculture Entrepreneurship (3)
Concepts in Nutritional Science (3)


HWST 291

Contemporary Hawaiian Issues


HWST 107

Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific



Total Credits: 16


Academic Subject Certificate in Community Food Security
Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate, students will be able to:
Make connections between current food production systems, diet, the environment and public health.
Evaluate factors such as economics, population and social equity within the national and local perspective.
Demonstrate how to grow produce organically.
Demonstrate ability to market the produce.
Explain nutritional concepts related to agriculture.
Describe the Hawaiian “sense of place” and the value of caring for the “ʻāina.”