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Academic Subject Certificate in Business

Business Academic Subject Certificate, 24–27 credits

You’ll get a strong foundation in accounting, economics, mathematics, computer applications, and written and oral communication…a perfect start to a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

At least twelve of the certificate credits will also apply as general education core requirements for the AA degree. With proper planning, the Certificate may be completed within the total credit requirements for the AA degree.

Students planning to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program in business should obtain the applicable program requirements sheet for the college or university to which they intend to transfer and see a the Business counselor for academic advising.


Updated for 2013-2014



Course Alpha

Course Title


ENG 100

Composition I


SP 151
or SP 251

Personal and Public Speech (3)
Principles of Effective Public Speaking (3)


Accounting Series*

6 or 9

ACC 201 and ACC 202 (6)



ACC 201 Intro to Financial Accounting (3)


ACC 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting (3)

or ACC 124, ACC 125 and ACC 202 (9)



ACC 124 College Accounting I (3)



ACC 125 College Accounting II (3)



ACC 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting (3)

ECON 130

Principles of Microeconomics


ECON 131

Principles of Macroeconomics


BUS 101

or BUS 201

or ICS 101

Business Computer Systems (3)

Advanced Business Computer Systems (3)

Digital Tools for the Information World (3)


MATH 103 or higher **



Total Credits

24 or 27


*Possible combinations of accounting courses
            ACC 124, ACC 125 and ACC 126
            ACC 201 and ACC 202
            ACC 124, ACC 125 and ACC 202
            ACC 201, ACC 125 and ACC 126

**Students need to check receiving institution (to which they are transferring) for specific math requirement or see an academic advisor for appropriate Math course.
            1. UH Manoa CBA requires QM 122 or MATH 203, or MATH 205.
            2. UH West O‘ahu prefers completion of MATH 103, MATH 115 or higher with a “C” or better

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