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Apply - High School Student

How to Apply: Current High School Student

There are two options available to current high school students: Early Admissions and Running Start.

Open to public and private high school juniors and seniors who are academically accomplished or vocationally gifted.

1. Contact your high school counselor about the program, eligibility requirements, and procedures.

2. Discuss the program with your parents.

3. Submit an application

4. Complete an Application for Early Admission

  • Download PDF or
  • Obtain a hard copy from our Admissions and Records Office, AD 220
  • Be sure to obtain required documents indicated on the form.

5. Take the Placement Tests

The COMPASS Placement Tests are computer-based assessments of your ability in different subjects. It helps place you in English and math courses in which you are most likely to succeed. Details on placement tests. Details on the Test Center.

6. Complete Admissions Health Requirements

Details on TB Clearance and MMR requirements.

7. Submit all documents to your high school counselor, who will then submit to our Admissions and Records Office.


Open to Hawaii public school juniors and seniors who are academically accomplished or vocationally gifted.

To apply for Running Start, you will need to first complete the online application form. Once you have submitted the online form, you will need to print out the form and obtain signatures from:

  • Your Parent or Guardian
  • Your School Principal
  • Your Counselor

When you have collected all signatures, please submit the printed application form to your counselor.

Be sure to read more about the Running Start Program.

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