Academic Info

General Academic Info

Course-Load Limitations
No student may register for more than 17 credits in a given semester except:

  1. A student who needs no more than one additional course to complete a degree or certificate and who has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher may be granted an exception by a counselor.
  2. A student registering for a package program which contains more than 17 credits may register for the full package.

Exceptions may be granted by the Dean of Student Services in highly unusual circumstances.

Course-Load Limitations International Students
A student on an F-1 visa is required by the Immigration and Naturalization Service to carry a minimum of 12 credits (in a credit program) or 18 hours a week of classroom instruction in a non-credit program, and must complete the program of study according to the period specified on the I-20 form.

Students are expected to be in attendance regularly and on time for all classes, quizzes, examinations, laboratory and fieldwork sessions of the courses for which they are registered. Anticipated (as well as unexpected) absences should be discussed with the instructor. The instructor is concerned about the student but it is the student’s responsibility for arranging make-up work with the instructor.

Auditing Courses
Students are permitted to audit classes with the written approval of the instructor. The student shall process and file appropriate forms with the Leeward CC Admissions and Records Office during the Late Registration period only. Although no credits are earned for courses audited, regular tuition and fees must be paid by auditors.

The instructor will determine the extent of classroom participation required of the auditor. Auditors are not usually allowed in laboratory science, vocational/technical, mathematics, elementary and intermediate languages, English composition, speech or classes in which the auditor might take the place of credit students.

Auditors must abide by the UH Student Conduct Code.

Withdrawal from a Course
Students must initiate the process of withdrawing from a course; an instructor cannot drop a student from a course. To withdraw from a course, students must enter their MyUH account to drop the course and pay any applicable fees. A student cannot drop their last Leeward CC class via MyUH, if Leeward is their home campus (refer to the complete withdrawal section of this catalog). If you are also enrolled in courses at other UH campuses, drop those courses using MyUH Services.

Drop deadlines for courses enrolled in from other campuses may differ from Leeward CC deadlines. Students should check with the Admissions and Records Office of the campus offering the course.

Deadlines for refunds, the erase period and withdrawal from semester-long courses are published in the Schedule of Courses and at the College’s website. Selected dates are also published in the Academic Calendar in the Catalog. A student who does not attend class and does not officially withdraw from the class may receive the grade of “F” for the class.

Erase Period
The first three weeks of the semester (or its equivalent as determined by the appropriate academic Dean for shorter courses) is called the “erase period”. Students who officially withdraw from a course during this period will have no grade or record of the course on their grade report or permanent academic record.

Withdrawal from a Course after the Erase Period
Students who withdraw from individual courses after the erase period but before
the withdrawal deadline will receive a “W” grade for those courses. The withdrawal deadline is the end of the tenth week of classes for semester-long courses (and an equivalent period for shorter courses as determined by the appropriate academic Dean).

Complete Withdrawal from the College
A student must apply to withdraw completely from college on a form available from the Admissions and Records Office and on the College’s website. Students who withdraw from college after the erase period will receive the grade of “W” for all classes which have not been completed at the time of withdrawal.

Failure to Withdraw from a Course
Only the student may initiate withdrawal from a course; an instructor cannot drop a student from a course. However, a student who does not meet the prerequisite(s) for a course in which the student is registered may be requested to drop the course. Students who do not complete a course and/or fail to withdraw from the course will receive a grade of “F” in accordance with the College’s and instructor’s grading policy.

Student Classification

Classified Students
Students following a prescribed program leading to a degree or certificate.

Unclassified Students
Students who are not pursuing a degree or certificate.

Full-time Students
Students who carry 12 or more credits.

Part-time Students
Students who carry fewer than 12 credits.