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AAT Degree Requirements

Associate in Arts in Teaching Degree
62 credits 

Updated for 2014-2015

The Associate in Arts in Teaching (AAT) is a 62 credit degree program intended to either provide the first two years of a baccalaureate program in elementary or secondary education (transfer degree) or prepare the student for employment as an educational assistant (terminal degree). The AAT program is firmly rooted in the academic study skills and content courses of a strong general education program combined with a rigorous core of pre-professional education courses. The program also includes field experience embedded within education courses as well as a culminating Field Experience course with experienced professional teacher-mentors, and preparation for the PRAXIS I exam, a test required nationally for admission into many teacher preparation programs. The program is designed to be flexible in order to best support transfer to any of our articulated partners and to allow focus on a range of teaching areas (e.g. elementary, secondary, and special education).

General Requirements
1.  At least 12 of the 62 credits must be earned at Leeward CC.
2. All 62 credits must be in courses numbered 100 or higher.
3. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher for all courses numbered 100 or above completed at Leeward CC.
4. A total of 40 hours of Service-Learning (in the field experience) is required.

Education Core 13 credits
Education Electives 6 credits
General Education (Liberal Arts) Courses 25 credits
Graduation Requirements 18 credits
Total Credits 62 credits

Education Core Requirements

Course Alpha

Course Title


ED 285

Classroom Management within the Instructional Process


ED 290

Foundations of Education


ED 291

Developing Language & Literacy I


ED 294

Intro to Multicultural Education


ED 295

Service Learning



Total Ed Core Credits


Education Electives
Choose 2 courses from list below for 6 credits

Course Alpha

Course Title


ED 100   Introduction to Education (3)

ED 284   Foundations of Inclusion in Teaching (3)
                (formerly ED 297S)

ED 286   Students with Exceptionalities I (3)

ED 287   Students with Exceptionalities II (3)

ED 292   Developing Language & Literacy II (3)

ED 296   Intro to Art, Music & Movement in Classroom (3)

ED 279   Educational Media and Technology (3)
                (formerly ED 297A)

MATH 112  Math for Elementary Teachers II (3)

ED 289  Educational Psychology (3)
                (formerly PSY 298)

Students pursuing secondary education may opt to choose 2 content courses (totaling 6 credits) in their chosen discipline.
For example: Math, Sciences, English, Music, Social Studies, Arts, etc. See the AAT counselor for details.


Total Ed Elective Credits


General Education Requirements



Written Communication
ENG 100 Composition I
or ENG 100E/ESL 100


Symbolic Reasoning
Select one of the following
PHIL 110 (3)
MATH 100 (3)
MATH 103 (3)
MATH 111 or higher (3)


Global Multicultural Perspectives
Select 1 course from 2 different groups:
Group A: ANTH 151, ART 175, HIST 151
Group B: ART 176, BUSN 227, GEOG 102,
HIST 152, ANTH 152
Group C: GEOG 151, MUS 107, REL 150,
THEA 101


Diversification Social Sciences
Select 1 Diversification Social Sciences course
for 3 cr (not in the PSY discipline) as listed in the AAT degree requirements. See the AAT Counselor for list.


Diversification Arts
Select 1 Diversification Arts (DA) course for 3 cr as listed in the AAT degree requirements. See the AAT Counselor for list.


Diversification Natural Sciences
Select 1 course from each different group
See the AAT Counselor for list.
Select 1 Diversification Biological Science (DB)  3 cr.
Select 1 Diversification Physical Science (DP) 3 cr.
Select a Lab Science course that must match the DB or DP course 1 cr



Total Gen Ed Credits


Graduation Requirements

Course Alpha

Course Title


ENG 200

Composition II


HWST 107

Hawai‘i: Center of the Pacific


PSY 100

Survey of Psychology


PSY 240
or FAMR 230

Developmental Psychology (3)
Human Development (3)


Third Science course:

May be from the biological (DB), physical (DP) or other (DO) science group.


Oral Communication:

Select one course from the following:SP 151, SP 200 or SP 251



Total Grad Requirement Credits






Total Degree Credits


18 month Plan for Degree Completion
Semester 1 (18 cr)
ENG 100 (3)
ED 285 (3)
SP 151 (3)
PSY 100 (3)
ED 294 (3)
REL 150 (3)

Semester 2 (18 cr)
ENG 200 (3)
ED 290 (3)
ED 291 (3)
GEOG 101 (3)
PSY 240 (3)
SOC 100 (3)

Summer (12 cr)
HIST 151 (3)
ART 101 (3)
OCN 201 (3)
ED 296 (3)

Semester 3 (14 cr)
BIOL 101 (4)
PHIL 110 (3)
ED 289 (3)
HWST 107 (3)
ED 295 (1)

Associate in Arts in Teaching Program Outcomes

The successful teacher candidate in the AAT program will
Collaborate: Analyze, collaborate and value learning communities to ensure  growth for all learners and evaluate his/her own effectiveness.

Oriented to Students: Describe, analyze, implement, assess and value developmentally appropriate instructional and assessment strategies, and positive learning environments to ensure growth for all learners and evaluate his/her own effectiveness.

Relevant: Analyze, design, implement, assess, and value standards-based lesson plans that are contextually, culturally, and  technologically relevant to reach all learners and evaluate his/her own effectiveness.  

Effective: Analyze, plan, develop, demonstrate and value professional and ethical teaching practices to ensure growth for all learners and evaluate his/her own effectiveness. 


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