Accelerated AAT Program FAQs

18 Month Degree Program FAQ Sheet

1. What if I have already taken some courses for the AAT degree, can I still apply?

Yes, you can! Students who have 30 or less credits earned towards their AAT degree are eligible to apply for this cohort. What that means is that if you have already taken a course being offered to the cohort, then you would just have one less course on your schedule. However, there will be no deviations from the schedule. For example, if in your first semester, the cohort offerings are: ENG 100, SP 151, ED 285, ED 294, REL 150, and PSY 100 and you have already taken ENG 100, then your schedule for that semester will only be the remaining five classes.

2. Is there a minimum GPA requirement?

Yes. Students are required to have a 2.0 GPA or higher.

3. Do I have to take the Placement tests?

Applicants are required to enter the cohort ready and eligible to take ENG 100. You can accomplish this by a variety of measures or taking the required developmental English prerequisite courses.

4. I heard that there is a stipend award. How does that work?

Yes, eligible students will be awarded a $500 stipend in their second semester of the cohort program, contingent upon successful completion of the first semester’s coursework and availability of funds.

5. Is there an application deadline?

Yes, for Fall Admission, the priority application deadline is July 1 and final deadline is July 31. For Spring Admission, the priority application deadline is October 1 and final deadline October 31. Students are strongly encouraged to apply by the priority deadline as cohort space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

6. If I apply, am I automatically accepted to the program?

Our main goal is to encourage and support the success of our students. Applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine if this cohort is the best fit for the applicant. We encourage applicants to give thought to how they intend to succeed in an accelerated, online academic environment.

7. I am interested! What do I do now?

Be sure to review the 18 month degree brochure (pdf) for more information and then print out and complete the Statement of Intent (pdf application form). Submit the form to the AAT office (Room DA 205A) either in person or via mail at Leeward CC—AAT Program, Room DA 205A, 96-045 Ala Ike, Pearl City, HI, 96782 by the stated deadline.

For more information, contact:
Bobbie Martel (AAT Program Coordinator) 455-0632;
Erin Thompson (AAT Program Counselor) 455-0392;