AA Degree Requirements

AA Degree Requirements: 60 credits

    1. Minimum cumulative grade-point average: 2.0 GPR or better for all courses used to meet the degree requirements. Transfer coursework is not calculated into the GPR.
    2. 60 credits, all in courses numbered 100 or above
    3. A maximum of 48 transfer credits earned at other colleges may be applied towards the degree
    4. A minimum of 12 credits of courses number 100 or above must be earned at Leeward CC
    5. The 60 credits are composed of:
      1. 31 credits in General Education Core requirements (12 credits in Foundation, 19 credits in Diversification)
      2. 29 credits of electives
      3. Graduation Requirements (Focus Requirements)
  • 1 course: Contemporary Ethical Issues (ETH)
  • 1 course: Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Issues (HAP)
  • 2 courses: Writing Intensive (WI)
  • 1 course: Oral Communication (OC)

Courses that fulfill the AA degree requirements (pdf)