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Wai‘anae Moku G2FO Program

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The Help You Need on the Pathway to Success!

Did you know that most students who graduate, do not do so on time? And most stu­dents who go to college part-time don’t finish at all?  College is hard work and many students juggle multiple responsibilities while earning their degree.

G2FO (Going to Finish On-Time) is a program only offered at Leeward CC Waiʻanae for students who want to gradu­ate within 2-3 years with an Associate’s Degree. It offers academic, personal, and financial support for students who want to commit to full-time study in order to graduate on time.

How do I join G2FO?

STEP 1 Apply Leeward Community College

STEP 2 Apply for financial aid at

STEP 3 After receiving your Leeward CC decision email, please complete New Student Orientation, meet with a Wai`anae Moku counselor, and let them know that you are interested in the G2FO program.

STEP 4 Schedule an appointment with Rick Kang, G2FO/ATE Program Coordinator, (808-454-4705) for pre-enrollment interview.

Program Requirements:

  • Attend classes at the Leeward CC Waiʻanae campus
  • Agree to be a full-time student (12 – 15 credits)
  • Attend ALL G2FO success seminars

Benefits of G2FO:

Joining G2FO will provide you with benefits that will as­sist you in reaching your goal.

  • A structured course pathway so you can finish your degree in 2-3 years.
  • Classes with a small connected community of students
  • Free textbooks for up to 10 G2FO cohort courses
  • Scholarship support after meeting all G2FO requirements and have reached 15+ and 45+ college credits.
  • A support system (personalized counseling, peer mentor support) to assist you throughout the completion of your degree

Testimonials from 2015-2016 G2FO Students:

  • “I really enjoyed this semester and having to bond with everyone in G2FO and the instructors.  I am very glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of this program.”
  • “I love that we are cared about as a student; that our needs matter.”
  • “I really enjoyed my fall semester!  I am glad that I am a part of the G2FO ʻOhana!”

For any additional information, please contact

Rick Kang, G2FO/ATE Program Coordinator,

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