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Leeward Discovery Fair

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The annual LEEWARD DISCOVERY FAIR, held in November, is a perfect way to spend the day for all family members. Admission is free, with ample free parking.

Our annual Fair traditionally offers a family-oriented day of engaging educational interactive exhibits and great food booths. We invite the community to engage in more than 50 bustling hands-on learning activities for the entire family.

This year, due to the coronavirus, we celebrated our 30th year of the Discovery Fair online and brought the FUN to you! Our talented faculty and instructors put together over twenty FREE, hands-on activities that included a homemade volcano, creative art projects, homemade yogurt, cooking with Keiki, LEGO, and much more.

We hope to host the Fair at our campus again soon!

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Presented by Nolan Miyahara

Description: Learn how to create a balloon powered LEGO race car.

Materials: Basic LEGO including wheels, jumbo straws (boba straws), black (electrical) tape or equivalent, scissors to cut the tape, party size rubber balloon, air hand pump (sports ball pump).

Age range: For ages 3+ (with assistance of an adult)

Presented by Luca Preziati

Description: See hydrogen bonding in action. Use this simple recipe to make slime at home using glue and borax. You can even add flowers to give your slime a Hawaiian twist.

Materials: Elmer’s glue (white or clear), borax, water, food coloring, large bowl, spoon, flowers (optional)

Age range: For ages 5+

Disclaimer: While it is safe to play with slime, ingestion of large quantities can be dangerous. Slime is not safe for unsupervised toddlers. Slime is safe on most surfaces and can even be used to clean plastic, glass, and leather because of its adhesive properties. Slime strongly binds with fabric and should be kept away from it. However, if that happens, you can remove slime from fabric with water.

View how it works!

Presented by Hye Ri Joo

Description: This video introduces how to play Gonggi (Korean Jacks). Gonggi is a traditional Korean game for children. You throw and catch five small pebbles with one hand. Nowadays, children play Gonggi with plastic stones with weights in them. It is a perfect indoor game that can be played alone or with friends and family. Adults can play, too.

Materials: Five small pebbles (about the size of a penny) or five plastic Gonggis (available at

Age range: For ages 5+