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Online Degrees and Certificate Programs

Degrees and Certificates available through Distance Education
The list below represents the possible degree and certificate programs generally available through Distance Education. Please note that not all courses required for each degree or certificate are offered every semester. It is critical to work with a counselor and the DE faculty and support staff. Currently, there are 13 degrees/certificates that can be offered entirely online, Ten other degree/certificate programs offer all except one course through online delivery. Another 8 programs offer more than 50% of their requirements online.

Be sure to check out all the resources for online learners.


Programs that can be earned completely through online classes

  • Associate in Arts (AA) degree (the required Speech class is a hybrid offering, requiring some on-campus sessions)
  • Associate in Arts in Teaching Degree
  • Associate in Science Degree Accounting
  • Academic Subject Certificate Accounting
  • Academic Subject Certificate Management
  • Academic Subject Certificate Writing Business Track
  • Certificate of Completion in Small Business Accounting
  • Certificate of Achievement Accounting
  • Certificate of Completion Administrative Support Hospitality and Legal
  • Certificate of Competence Management Foundations
  • Certificate of Competence Retail Foundations
  • Certificate of Completion Business Essentials
  • Certificate of Completion Management Essentials

Programs that can be earned online with only one face-to-face (on campus) course required
(course listed is required, but not offered online)
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Management (MGT 200)
  • Academic Subject Certificate Business (MATH 103 or higher)
  • Academic Subject Certificate Business Technology (BUSN 164)
  • Academic Subject Certificate Travel Industry Management (MATH 20)3
  • Certificate of Completion Medical Receptionist (BUSN 104 or BUSN 170)
  • Certificate of Completion Administrative Support Medical (BUSN 104 or BUSN 170)
  • Certificate of Competence Business Foundations (BUSN 164)
  • Certificate of Completion Sales and Marketing (MKT 150)
  • Certificate of Completion Travel Industry (HOST 140)
  • Certificate of Competence Graphic Design (DMED 113)

Programs that are more than 50% online
(courses listed are required, but not offered online)
  • Academic Subject Certificate Information & Computer Science (need ICS 141, ICS 212, ICS 241)
  • Associate in Science Degree Business Technology (need BUSN 164, BUSN 170, BUSN 269)
  • Certificate of Completion Office Coordinator (need BUSN 164, BUSN 170)
  • Certificate of Completion Business Technology (need BUSN 164, BUSN 170)
  • Certificate of Achievement Business Technology (need BUSN 164, BUSN 170)
  • Certificate of Completion Digital Media Production (need DMED 113, DMED 131, DMED 200)
  • Certificate of Completion Help Desk (need DMED 120, ICS 125)
  • Academic Subject Certificate Writing Creative Track (need ENG 205, ENG 208, ENG 217, JOUR 205)

Updated 11/15/2011

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