Campus Closure Information

Campus Closure Information Spring 2013
March 25-29, 2013

In response to collective bargaining agreements and to continue "efforts to reduce energy consumption and recover cost savings", the Leeward Community College Pearl City and Wai'anae campuses will be "closed to the general public" from Monday, March 25, 2013 through Friday, March 29, 2013 (note that Tuesday, March 26 - Prince Kuhio Day and Friday, March 29 - Good Friday are state holidays) .  Regular campus activity will resume on Monday April 1, 2013.  Exceptions may occur for certain mission critical campus needs, existing contracted campus/facilities obligations and programs run on grant funded monies.

(Note: There will be a campus wide power outage from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Prince Kuhio Day (state holiday).  This outage is necessary to tie in critical equipment for the new ED Building. To prevent possible damage to sensitive equipment from a surge when the power is restored, we recommend that you unplug such equipment prior to the Tuesday morning shutdown and take measures to secure perishables and any sensitive projects. Please contact Sandy Maeda (, if you have any questions or concerns.)

Some points to highlight:

  • Campus security will be provided throughout the specified periods on a 24-hours/7-days/ week but at a reduced holiday staffing level.  Parking lots and campus access may be restricted to facilitate coverage and reduce unauthorized individuals entering the College.
  • Campus support services (e.g., secretarial, personnel, business/cashier, copying, computer help desk, cafeteria, library,..) will not be provided during the specified periods of campus shut down.
  • Due to reduced staffing, only a few restrooms (to be determined) will be available and will only be cleaned to meet minimum sanitation standards.
  • There will be no campus mail delivery or postal services.  No one will be available to accept parcel post deliveries, which should be rescheduled to after the specified periods.
  • The bookstore will be closed to walk-in business during the specified periods.
  • Internal timelines and deadlines should be reviewed and adjusted to plan for campus closures.  Please identify time-sensitive issues, those involved, and possible “work-arounds” that might remedy the situation; however, if there is a “hard” (cannot be changed) deadline, please identify with your division chairs, unit heads or administrators.   Please let HR know of possible exceptions if an employee is required to work during a non-duty period.
  • No new on-campus events are to be scheduled for the specified periods due to the lack of staff support and supervision.
  • Already contracted events will go on as planned.
  • All employees are asked to turn-off and unplug electrical equipment prior to departing the campus to conserve the energy outlay.
  • Faculty/staff may still choose to come to campus to do work on their own time as they might similarly choose to do on a weekend schedule, but they should be aware that there will be reduced AC operation and no support services.  Any official credit for work done during this period must be pre-approved via HR and by the Chancellor.
  • Administrators, 11-month faculty and those staff funded through federal grants (soft monies) are still on duty during those time periods, and they should take vacation if they choose not to be on official duty.